Dr. Sean S. Salehi - Neurological Surgery and Spine Surgery

Implementation Overview

"There were two instances in particular which led me to look for a new, more concise way to coordinate surgical procedures. The first was a case cancellation/reschedule that occurred because the device rep was not made aware of a modification to how a procedure was to be performed. As a result, he arrived at the center on the day of surgery with the wrong instrument. Another issue was a change in case order at the surgery center. Because this modification wasn't communicated beyond surgery center staff, I arrived at the center three hours prior to the patient (or at the originally scheduled surgery time)." - Dr. Sean S. Salehi, Nuerosurgeon

After a colleague alerted me to Casetabs, a cloud-based surgery communication suite, I was immediately interested in learning more.

  • The Physician Office Module allows templates to be created with specific ICD10 and CPT codes prepopulated to each type of case. Accurate, complete coding provided to the insurance company eliminates reduced rates caused by pre-authorization issues.
  • Casetabs automates case coordination from the moment it is determined a surgery is needed through discharge including informing my device reps all necessary informtation.