Peak One Surgery Center

Implementation Overview

We originally implemented Casetabs because Peak One Surgery Center has to communicate with physician offices in Frisco, Vail, Steamboat Springs and Denver. For our orthopedic cases, especially in the winter season, communicating with vendor reps is essential for us to make sure we have the right equipment for cases. Casetabs improved our ability to quickly communicate with our physician offices and case team members who may be in different remote towns and Denver.

We currently have over 90% of our cases being proposed rather than faxed through Casetabs. In addition, the ability for patients and case team members to see real-time updates on the status of their cases through the Surgery Boards improves internal staff communication and patient satisfaction.

  • Quicker communication with remote case team members and vendor reps
  • Consolidated physician scheduling process for front office and pre-assessment
  • Improved patient satisfaction with real-time case updates for family members