La Veta Surgery Center

  • Rooms: 6
  • Specialties:Ortho, ENT, OB/GYN
  • Ophthalmology, Plastics
  • Location: Orange, CA
  • Website: La Veta Surgery Center

Implementation Overview

Our center works with over 100 different physicians who all schedule cases differently. We have 4 full time schedulers to make sure there are no errors and our physicians offices know they are being taken care of. This is obviously very tedious for our staff and we needed a better way to standardize surgery scheduling with our offices.

"By using Casetabs, our busy center stays organized and proficient. The board is very professional looking and is easy for the Dr's and nurses to use to find where their pt. is. It also helps the families know where their loved ones are at all times." - Monique Welch, RN, BSN

Casetabs was chosen for their unique solution and the adoption speaks for itself.

  • Physicians and their staff love the schedule transparency they have with Casetabs and ability to send cases electronically knowing that the correct information was received for their patients.
  • Casetabs offers a HIPAA secure file sharing tool so no more documents pertinent for surgery go missing via lost faxes. (i.e. H&P, Pre-Op Orders, Consent)