Hudson Crossing Surgery Center

Implementation Overview

At Hudson Crossing, we needed a central place to communicate and access the schedule. With hundreds of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and vendor reps, we spent inordinate amounts of time trying to keep everyone updated, and we still had communication related mistakes. Since implementing Casetabs, the impact has far exceeded expectations. In the weeks leading up to surgery, our physician offices are accessing our schedule and electronically proposing cases right to the center, including document sharing, coding, and insurance details. In addition, we use Casetabs to coordinate with vendors and manage anethesia assignments.

The day of surgery, everyone at the center, including the patients and family members, are using the mobile app and digital surgery boards to track important case information and status updates.

  • Simplified, digital case scheduling with our offices
  • Streamline patient flow using the surgery boards
  • More efficient and accountable implant vendor coordination
  • Remote schedule access via the mobile app

Case Study: