El Mirador Surgery Center

  • Rooms: 10+
  • Specialties:Spine, Pain, ENT
  • GI, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology, Plastics
  • Location: Palm Springs, CA
  • Website: El Mirador Surgery Center

Implementation Overview

We implemented Casetabs because to improve patient flow with their surgery board solution. With 6 operating rooms and 4 procedure rooms, finding patients and knowing the status of each case was a challenge, which was the cause of numerous overhead pages and unnecessary delays. We also wanted our patients and their family members to be more informed in the waiting room.

Casetabs Surgery Coordination at El Mirador Surgery Center from Casetabs on Vimeo.

  • Patients move through our center faster
  • My staff has more time to focus on patients
  • The center is much more quiet
  • Patients and family members love the waiting room board and text alerts