Buena Vista Surgery Center

Implementation Overview

At Buena Vista we are small boutique surgery center with only 1 operating room solely focused on Orthopaedic cases. With a small staff, everyone wears multiple hats crossing clinical roles to business office tasks. Given the lean nature of our center and make up of our case volume heavily requiring Orthopaedic implants we needed to automate vendor rep coordination. We also needed to be more responsive to our physician offices or give them better visibility into our schedule availability since our scheduler also performs duties in the pre-op/pacu area taking her away from her desk. Casetabs helped us address both of these major issues and much more!


  • Buena Vista publishes their available OR times to the physicians schedulers via Casetabs web based solution. Physician schedulers can then electronically propose a case to the center which can be reviewed later without phone calls back n forth freeing up staff.
  • The physician offices can add the vendor reps at the time of booking so the center only needs to make sure the reps are on the case team at the time of accepting the case. From there the reps are automatically notified with all pertinent case details including implant requirements, date and time of surgery.