Grow case volume

The name of the game is helping patients. And growing your business.

When your center is easier to work with, you get more cases. It's that simple. Casetabs makes your center easy to work with by providing:

  • One shared schedule so you're always looking at the same thing.
  • HIPAA compliant document sharing
  • Electronic scheduling (no more faxing!)
  • Automated notifications for important updates
  • Intuitive mobile app

Save Time

Efficiency is a good thing, especially when you are saving time.

When you have a central case communication app, there is less scrambling. Fewer faxes, phone calls, text messages, whiteboard updates, and delays ... all which save time.

  • Central case communication hub for everyone involved in your cases (office staff, clinical staff, vendors, surgeons, anesthesia)
  • Surgery boards optimize patient flow
  • Integrated with major PM/EMR systems
  • Automated notifications

Increase patient safety

Better communication in the center makes for a better day at the office

When your care team is sharing a common communication platform, you have fewer mistakes. Casetabs connects everyone involved with each case, so you're all looking at the same case details, documents, special requests, and more. Too often, the surgeon offices, medical centers, anesthesia groups, and vendors are all using different systems to get their case information. That ends with Casetabs.

  • One common coordination platform for the entire care team
  • HIPAA secure document and information sharing
  • Patient safety indicators and helpful tags

Improve patient / family experience

When everyone is in the know, families gain peace of mind

Happy patient and family starts with clear and helpful communication. Casetabs keeps them in the know before the surgery with customized text updates, the day of surgery with automated status updates and a waiting room surgery board, and after the surgery with reminders and follow-ups.

  • Text notifications with reminders, status updates, and follow-ups
  • Waiting room surgery boards that track patient flow
  • Better informed staff empowers more intimate patient focus

Book a Demo

Our demo is a simple walkthrough of Casetabs. We'll schedule a live, shared-screen demo where you'll be able to see how all of the Casetabs features help your center communicate more efficiently.