FAQs regarding Casetabs + HST Pathways

Together, we're redefining the ASC industry

Seven years ago, we started Casetabs to better connect surgical care teams so they can deliver more efficient and exceptional patient care. Together with our ASC customers, we built a product that meaningfully improved surgical scheduling and care coordination. The results have spoken for themselves, including substantial case volume growth, reduced cancellations, greater patient safety, and happier patients. As the good word spread, our reference customers have helped us share the value of Casetabs with over 800 ASCs.

As we've listened to our ASC customers, we've heard important needs that Casetabs cannot solve alone. For example, we've heard centers wish that they could get more from a smaller number of vendors. Many centers have expressed frustration over costs to get one application to integrate with another. Others want the integration between systems to do more than just share schedule and demographics data, such as sharing documents, clinical data, and more. While we can't solve these needs alone, we can with the right partner, which is why we are so thrilled to be joining forces with HST Pathways.

Q. Can I still use Casetabs if my center does not use HST Pathways for practice management or EHR?

Yes, of course! We will continue supporting integrations with all other practice management systems, including Advantx, Amkai, Vision, SurgiSource, NextGen, athenahealth, and others.

Q. Do I still reach out to Casetabs if I need product support?

Yes, absolutely! We will continue providing helpful and responsive support to all our customers, whether it's a need for more training, a bug fix, product feedback, or anything else.

Q. If we use HST, are there any pricing and/or billing changes with this partnership?

Nothing will change from a pricing or billing perspective. Over time, however, we plan to simplify billing and increase the value we offer per dollar.

Q. If we use HST, will Casetabs and HST be accessible with one login?

Not immediately, but this is an item on the product roadmap. For HST customers, our objective is to streamline the entire customer experience over time, from integration, user experience, billing, and more.

Q. Who do I reach out to for additional questions?

Please contact us anytime at support@casetabs.com or by phone at 323-922-5551.