For Device Vendors - Surgery Coordination made easy

The communication app
for device vendors

Time is valuable. But information is priceless.
Enter Casetabs.
Get back those lost hours in the week waiting for updates. Avoid rush shipping costs for your devices. Heck, finally see your family before it's dark at the end of the day.

Features of Casetabs for Device Vendors

Access to case schedule

Check the case schedule for surgeries that require your products. Helpful notifications alert you the moment new cases are scheduled and special requests are added.

Surgery and product updates delivered to you

Get notified of case times changes, product status updates, and more. This is your eyes-into-the-surgery-center from the palm of your hands.

Mobile and desktop versions

Casetabs is cloud-based, which means you can access your cases, special requests, and all your updates via any wi-fi enabled device.

Find time in your day

When you know a case is delayed by two hours, you can spend the morning meeting with a potential customer, following up on other cases or dare we suggest, relaxing at home.

Better teamwork

Better information leads to happier and more confident facility staff. This, in turn, helps create a better experience for the patients and, well, you!

Access from anywhere

An intuitive mobile and desktop app lets you support customers wherever the day takes you.

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