For Centers - Surgery Coordination made easy

The healthcare app you'd create
(if you had time to code.)

Casetabs is a purpose-built communication platform for surgery centers. Gone are the days of managing case updates via sticky notes, white board messages and faxes. With a tiny learning curve, an entire case team can get up and running before your morning coffee is cold.

Features of Casetabs for Centers

Improve patient care

A better patient experience starts with a well coordinated case. Meaning, the physician has the proper tools and the surgical staff is calm and well prepared.

Reduce case delays

When case teams are communicating effectively, operating rooms turn over faster and cases start on time.

Increase center revenues

Increase case flow because happy physicians drive more cases to the center.

Available on the device you are using

No matter if you are checking Casetabs on home computer before work, on your mobile while walking around or sitting at your work computer, you will have the same information all sync'd and updated.

Enjoy your job more

You are in control of the case from the get-go. This means reps get the information they need without derailing your day. It also means your physicians are prepped and ready for the case.

Key features for all roles of your surgery center

Your title is administrator only because
'miracle worker' doesn't fit on your access badge.

What if patients got better care simply because everyone came to the case prepared? Or what if you could improve physician and staff job satisfaction? What if you could reduce case delays? What if these weren't fictional "what-ifs?"

Armed with the Casetabs app (desktop and mobile), you'll be improving patient care, optimizing scheduling, improving communication with family, staff, device reps and more in no time. You'll be administering improved case coordination from, well, wherever you are.

Unlike hospital gowns,
this app actually covers your backside.

Spend 30 seconds adding a case to Casetabs and your entire case team is notified of the surgery and their responsibilities. Boom, it's that easy. Casetabs then becomes the easy-to-use app for all of the important details of the case.

Whether at your desk or on the run with your phone (be honest, when aren't you?), you can easily coordinate with physicians or device reps. Gone are the days of worrying about cases starting without all the required people and products. Say hello to total case management from your fingertips.

Admit it. Case communication
sometimes feels like case noitacinummoc.

The back and forth of case communication should not make everything feel backwards. That's where Casetabs can help.

With real-time case updates that are synced on-site, online and on-mobile, it's virtually impossible for your reps and materials managers to not know what's going on with a case.

And as you know, an informed case team is a happy case team.

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